Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

Melbourne Work portraits

Portraits of you or your staff in your place of work, whether it be in the corner office, on the work site, studio, factory or laboratory. These portraits not only visually communicate to your clients the work you do but do so with a much stronger impact and a narrative quality.


Melbourne work portrait photography
Melbourne work portrait photography by ABR Media www.abrmedia.com.au
Environmental Portraiture Melbourne

These are great if you have a team of workers and wish to communicate to your potential clients how your company collectively work together as well as showcase your workplace environment.

These images are also perfect for Annual reports visualising your work to your shareholders your work and how things really get done, stop using tacky stock photos and give your audience a real insight into your workplace.

Melbourne Environmental Portraiture photographer

Editorial Portraiture

We understand the importance of the visual narrative of an editorial portrait,  we have taken portraits of heads of state, leading figures in the worlds of science, sport and captains of industry.

Melbourne Editorial Portraiture photographer

Environmental portraiture MELBOURNE
Melbourne environmental portraiture

Portraits for small business

As a small business, it's crucial to communicate visually to your audience whether it be on your website or on social media through professional photography and videography. In many ways, it's even more important that the written content as viewers need to be visually engaged to begin with. We love working with small business on creating a visual backdrop to your service and consulting.
Our method is quite simple, we find out what you do, then find your key audience and demographic to ascertain what visual cues are needed to engage that audience. 

To be taken seriously as a small business you need professionally well thought out photography as the foundation to your marketing. 

Environmental Portraiture Melbourne

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