Social Media Photography

Get More Followers

You aren't going to get a social media following by getting your intern to taking blurry photos on their phone!
Melbourne Social media photography by ABR Media can be the pied piper for your brand.
We create authentic visually stimulating content that connects with your audience.

melbourne social media photographer

Melbourne Social Media Photography

Small budget? No problem!

We understand your campaign may not have a huge budget but your vision is. We aren't just photographers, we are problem solvers, we work with your budget cutting costs in ingenious ways whilst still creating quality authentic social media photography

Melbourne Social Media Photography

Melbourne Social Media Photography & Videography with a difference

Using our unique documentary style we create social media digital content using the mediums of photography and videography sharing the stories and vision of Melbourne businesses.

We create organic content, delivering a sense of realism getting real results and traction throughout your social media channels.

Social Media content producer

We work closely with your marketing teams to figure out quality, shareable, viral content for your next campaign. Creating content that is specific to any of your social media channels such as Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. 


Cliché freezone

Nothing kills a social media campaign quicker than cringeworthy, cliche and unauthentic content. We arent just great content producers. we have a killer sense of humour, an ear on the street and know what will and wont work. 

Short Video & Gif's

Your audience doesn't have time to watch a 10-minute video on your business, you need to grab their attention immediately, we can create short Instagram videos that not just grab your viewers attention but keeps them there.

Let's Collaborate

Get in touch for a free quote, give us some details of the look you after and we will get in touch and work with you on achieving your visual goal.