Melbourne Digital Asset Management ( D.A.M Solutions )

Melbourne Digital Asset management

Melbourne Digital Asset management

Centralise your visual digital assets

As Melbourne based Digital Asset management experts we can assist in moving all your company’s images and video into a single, cloud-based archive. Allowing easy search function via appropriately captioned and keyworded visual assets.

Leading global brands and small business alike are now realising the power and importance of digital asset management. As Melbourne digital Asset management experts we simplify and implement a media library that helps organisations control the power of their visual assets & allows your team to work more efficiently.

Melbourne Digital asset management consultation & implementation

Melbourne Digital Asset management

Streamline & organise your digital asset management

Is your company drowning in photos & graphics?

Sick of unorganised, hard to find visual assets being mismanaged across the company?

ABR Media can assist in both the consultation & implementation of a simple easy to use cloud-based digital Asset management system.
Saving your business time and money.

Digital Workflow optimisation

Streamline the process across every stage of your visual asset management, from seamless integration with native editing environments to mobile access to your assets anytime, anywhere


Engage Your Customers quicker

With a consistent easy to use media library, your organisation is ready to connect with new and existing customers sooner. 

Use custom roles within the library to provide the appropriate access and permission to your staff and departments


Digital Asset management saves you money

Via the intuitive user-friendly cloud-based system, your staff can stop wasting time and money by finding the appropriate digital content for your next campaign, mail out, internal memo or digital production.

Want to organise your digital assets?

Get in touch with Melbourne Digital asset management experts ABR Media for a consultation and quote.

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